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Hidden right at the back of our country cottage is a teeny little workshop ...

and this is where I create my pieces ..... looking out onto greenery and moss and a very little pond. As I sit at my workbench I am looking out at the garden at ground level, perfect for seeing little birds pecking about and in summer the bees and butterflies.

Having grown up and now living in the Kerry countryside,just outside Killarney, it is where I find a lot of my inspiration. Surrounded by mountains, valleys, lakes and hidden magical places that all have a beauty and story of their own. Our cottage is about 100 years old, give or take! And we have a beehive (3 to be exact) and also a lovely polytunnel, which I Iike to sit in on my reclining chair.


My family consists of four humans, my husband Dirk and I and our two (grown up!?) children. At the moment we have one cat Maybelle and one overly friendly dog Loki and the bees. This is the least amount of pets we have had in the last few years. Theres been Alma the rescued goat, Sid the rescued kitten and Camelin the rescued crow to mention a few.

Every morning there is the essential cup of hot black tea .... I find I need to repeat this every so often to continue functioning!!

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Reminiscent of the blue seas and green fields/forests here in Kerry

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